Dienstag, Oktober 10, 2006

Billions of humans, thousands of languages, hundreds of countries, five continents but just one unit of time.

1 day = 24 hours = 1440 minutes

The fascinating idea, these 1440 minutes, each one cut by hand, framed, limited and signed, as a worldwide piece of art, held in hundreds of hands, this idea pushed me to realise this unique piece of art.

Where is the minute before mine, who owns the one after mine? Is it perhaps in Mexico, Australia or very near, possibly at my neighbour’s place? Where will the minutes fly, how many countries will they reach? Where will they hang, I am eagerly looking forward to your feedback.

After each of my journeys around the world I am more inspired to meet humans from different cultures.

Wouldn’t an exchange of ideas and thoughts between all the owners of “minutes” be fascinating?

The distance from one whole minute to the next-even if the owners are continents apart-is bridged with a Mail in no time at all.

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Let me know your ideas!


Anonymous Anonym said...

A fascinating idea and beautiful pictures. My minute (19:10, the time i was born) is above my bed. Think I should send a photo once.

Check it out!

11 Oktober, 2006 11:49  
Blogger Jeke said...

Hello 19:10

Yes, let me see your picture.

21 Oktober, 2006 14:46  

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